About me

I’m a doctoral student at University of Hamburg and research associate at Leuphana University Lüneburg. My supervisors are Prof. Dr. Ricardo Usbeck and Prof. Dr. Judith Simon.

My research mainly reflects on epistemic and fairness-related issues in the creation and evaluation of language models and knowledge graphs. I examine whose knowledge is represented in these technologies and what we consider “factual”. I’m also interested in the epistemic processes behind benchmark creation and adoption and how they can be improved. Due to my interdisciplinary background in CS and psychology, I tend to draw from different theories and methods in my research.


My paper “Knowledge-Enhanced Language Models Are Not Bias-Proof: Situated Knowledge and Epistemic Injustice in AI” co-authored by Eloïse Soulier is now available in the FAccT 2024 proceedings.

I was recently kindly invited to give an introductory talk about LLMs at the 2024 meeting of the GI Section Woman and Computer Science, in Heidelberg.